The Top 10 Secrets to Cheaper Auto Insurance

1. Get a quote and apply online

Auto insurance coverage may be standard throughout your province, but insurance premiums are another story. Coverage from one company to the next can vary by hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. The only way to make sure you are getting the best base price for your policy is to compare, compare, compare.

2. Make sure all your cars are on the same policy

We offer a “Multi-vehicle discount” for customers who insure more than one car on the same policy. This can bring you savings off both cars.

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One Weird (and Infuriating) Reason You May Pay More for Car Insurance

Meet “Sally” and “Suzy”: These 30-year-old twin sisters are identical in nearly every way. Both women live in Louisville, Kentucky. They’re both employed full time, have stellar driving records, decent credit ratings and no lapses in car insurance coverage. They even drive twin 2005 Honda Civics – same color, make, model and mileage.

Sally pays $2,408 a year for car insurance – to get a policy providing theminimum coverage required by Kentucky – through Farmers Insurance. Meanwhile, Suzy pays Farmers $1,640 for the exact same coverage. So why is Sally paying 47 percent more than Suzy for the same insurance?

According to the Consumer Federation of America, Sally is forced to pony up more cash for insurance because she’s arenter and Suzy is a homeowner.

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How can we help you with car insurance today?

Buying insurance can be costly, time consuming and confusing and – although comparison sites such as strive to make the process as simple as possible – it’s sometimes been difficult to know you’ve got the cover you need.

We have an ongoing commitment to make searching for and purchasing insurance as clear and straightforward as possible in order to help you find the policy that you need at the most competitive price we can deliver.

To develop this ambition further, we’ve partnered with independent financial researcher Defaqto.

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What You Should Know About Semi Insurance Policies

Many of us spend much of our time on the road, whether it is in our own car or public transportation. It is very important that all cars and other vehicles on the road be insured. This will ensure the safety of all the people who may be involved in an accident. There are various insurance plans that are offered to different kinds of vehicles. Moreover, there are different legislative policies regarding different types of vehicles. You are not allowed to drive an uninsured truck on the road, as it is against the law.

Smaller automobiles owned by individuals have an insurance policy for the individuals involved in the accident and the vehicle as well. However, larger automobiles, like trucks and buses, have a different insurance policy. Along with covering for the individuals and vehicles damaged in an accident, the semi insurance also covers the cargo in larger vehicles. Insurance companies also cover the damage a truck may suffer when it is parked somewhere and the driver is absent from the scene of the accident.

There are many things you will have to consider before settling on a specific insurance plan. The first thing is that you must be aware of scammers. Many insurance agents are affiliated with companies that want to sell the insurance plan at a higher rate or rob you of your money. Therefore, before you make any decision, you must thoroughly research the company you are planning to sign a contract with. You have to make sure that the company exists and is not a fraud.

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File Your Car Insurance Claim On Time

Drivers getting involved in any kind of road accident are shocked initially and it takes a moment or two for them to realise that they have actually bumped their car into somebody else’s vehicle. And, one should not expect that immediately after the accident they would go to the insurance office and raise the claim.

On the contrary, if somebody takes the prompt action of reporting the incident to the police and then to the insurance office, he deserves to be applauded because that is the right sequence of doing the things in such kind of situation. But before doing that if somebody is injured, the victim should be taken to the hospital or as suitable. Now comes the question, at what time should you file for the car insurance claim.

Time to file car insurance claim

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